How to Open a Bottle of Wine

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Opening a Bottle of Wine Video


How to Open a Bottle of Wine

  1. Cut the foil below lower lip.
  2. Insert the screw in the center of the cork.
  3. Rotate corkscrew 6 half turns.
  4. Lever cork out slowly.
  5. Wipe off any tartrate crystals or sediment with a napkin.

Here it is again in pictures:

  1. Hold the bottle of wine stationary.
    Hold bottle steady - how to open a bottle of wine with a waiter's friend
  2. Cut across the front, back, and top of the foil. Keep your fingers clear of the blade and the foil.
    Cut foil below pour spout of bottle
  3. Set the screw just off center and insert, rotating straight into the cork.
    Insert corkscrew just off center so that the corkscrew is centered
  4. Continue to screw into the cork until only one curl remains.
    Insert corkscrew till only 1 curl remains (or less)
  5. Lever on the first step, then the second, finally easing the cork out with your hand.
    use lever to easily hoist cork out of bottle using hands at finish

The most pragmatic wine opener
A waiter’s Friend

Before you learn how to open a bottle of wine you’ll need one essential tool, a simple waiter’s friend corkscrew. They are widely available at most grocery stores and cost around $8-15. Don’t get fancy. In nearly every case the waiter’s friend corkscrew will outperform other alternatives. Make sure it has a serrated blade, this will make cutting the foil much easier. Ready to start opening that bottle?
Double Hinge Corkscrew

Classic Double Hinged Corkscrew

Wine Folly now offers a double-hinge corkscrew constructed from fine wood and stainless steel, making it an exceptional choice for opening your next bottle of wine. The non-stick worm reduces friction when uncorking, thereby improving its efficacy.
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How to pour wine without dripping

Next Up: Pouring Wine

Now that you’ve opened your bottle of wine, up next, here’s a great tip on pouring wine without dripping (or messing up the label).
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